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history in egypt our president having come back from africa and -- nelson mandela on death's door. 19 pyre fighters die in a horrible blaze and all we are see sing zimmerman, zimmerman, zimmerman, trayvon martin. i'm sorry. i think it is overkill. i know it gets ratings but doesn't reflect what the country should be about. >> you hit it on the head. one of the networks is running it all the time and getting zoomed up to number one. >> huffington post says enough. safe bet zimmerman will get acquitted or mistrial. look -- you know, the -- disappointment on msnbc on this case as the case fall apart, it is palpable. you can see them clearly sad that zimmerman might get off. >> rick, you are in l.a. when i think of l.a. i think of o.j. i mean, just -- we have these -- continually. >> yeah. you know, this is a media biased show. i didn't really care much about the zimmerman trial until the media jumped in and really, you know, judged the case from the beginning. have you abc news who from the beginning manipulated video to make it look like zimmerman didn't have any injuries. and now this week
on that animation, and judge nelson will rule. >> shepard: a big ruling for the defense today when the judge said the jurors can hear how trayvon martin apparent lid had thc, the active ingredient in marijuana in his system. >> that ruling late yesterday, big boost for the defense, even though the state expert says numbers these low are inconclusive but the jury will learn that the toxicology report shows that there was marijuana thc in his system, and that they will hear then from an expert called by the defense, either this afternoon or most likely tomorrow, that perhaps martin, the 17-year-old, was impaired or even agitated when he encountered george zimmerman. in fact defense attorneys say in the 7-eleven surveillance videotape, which shows martin an hour before he died, buying the skittles and the soft drink, you can see him swaying at the counter because of the effects of marijuana. we're back in court right now and the city manager for the city of sanford, mr. bonaparte, the man who actually fired the former police chief bill lee after the uproar that nobody, specifically zimmerman, had be
a little later than expected tuesday. judge debra nelson, the prosecution and defense rangeled late into the night, 10:00 p.m., over whether to admit text messages and photos from trayvon martin's phone and a computer-animated depiction of the crime scene. judge nelson questioned whether martin actually sent the messages or someones. defense attorney don west argued that the texts and photos weren't turned over by the prosecution in a timely manner. after hours of arguing, the judge didn't rule on either issue. adjourned court and walked off. flashback to tuesday morning. famed forensic pathologist dr. vincent di maio took the stand after evidence presented to him by the defense, di maio reached this conclusion. >> if you lean over somebody, you'll notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if, instead, you're lying on your back, somebody shoots you, the clothing is going to be against your chest. >> reporter: di maio told jurors zimmerman's account that trayvon martin was on top of him is consistent with the evidence he examined. it's because of the spray pattern a
later than expected tuesday. judge debra nelson, the prosecution and defense wrangled late into the night, 10:00 p.m., over whether to admit text messages and photos from trayvon martin's phone and a computer-animated reconstruction of the crime scene that the defense attorneys want admitted as evidence. judge nelson questions whether martin actually sent the messages or someone else. defense attorney don west argued that the text messages an photos weren't turned over by the prosecution in a timely manner. after hours of arguing, the judge didn't rule on either issue. adjourned court and walked off. flashback to tuesday morning, famed pathologist dr. vincent di maio took the stand. after being presented with evidence by the defense, di maio reached this conclusion. >> if you lean over somebody, you'll notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if, instead, you're lying on your back, and somebody shoots you, the clothing is going to be against your chest. >> reporter: di maio told jurors zimmerman's account that trayvon martin was on top of him is consisten
linked to biogenesis including nelson cruz and melky cabrera. >>> let's go to games, please. the white sox tied an american league record, 6 for 6. i remembered him in new haven when he was alexis rios. 32nd player to accomplish the fete. the white sox won the game 11-4. he's a good player, not a great player? yeah. you sort of nailed it. let's do that one again. twins, fly ball. that's not cansecoesque. the ball bounces off of his head. oh, that's tough. >>> if you're a hockey fan, this is news that may surprise you. former nhl player, george la rock has announced his intentions to run for canadian house of commons. as a player he dropped the gloves 142 times. over 1,000 penalty minutes. now he's running as a candidate in the green party because he left hockey, he's switched to vegan. his platform includes strong support of no violence and marijuana and illegalization of prostitution. the player who had the ball hit off his head is waldo arcia. it wasn't cansecoesque off the head, but it still was pretty bad. >> easily bad. >> what's going on? >> chantal, we talked about that yesterda
the state had not proven second-degree murder. judge debra nelson listened carefully then gave her answer, motion denied. the defense will carry on monday morning starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. as to what witnesses may be called, it could be a little bit of witness deja vu. some of those that testified for the state actually sounded like they were testifying for the defense. they may come back and you can expect the defense will have their own experts to refute some of the science in this particular case and maybe this case could be in the hands of the jury by thursday. martin savidge, cnn, sanford, florida. >> wow. in the end this appears to have been a very rapid case. after the trial resumes on monday you can, of course, get a recap of the key moments from our anderson cooper. he'll have an "ac360" special report "self-defense or murder" monday night 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. >>> all right. wet and rainy, well, it's been the story for so much of the u.s. so far this holiday break. but in the northeast, they have been getting hit with a heat wave. temperatures soaring n
to allow their defense animation depicting martin behind the town homes. but george nelson issuing her ruling, the defense will not be allowed to enter as evidence this animation. the state objected to it saying it's self-serving, misleading and inaccurate and the judge sustained the objection which the state. the key concern is the jurors would have this just like the 11 tape and the calls george zimmerman made. evidence they could refer to over and over during the juror deliberation. she was concerned about this video being used that way. that's not going to happen. however, she did say the defense can use that videotape as a demonstration exhibit. so expect that when the defense puts on its closing argument either thursday or friday. they will show that animation to the jury. the other big issue the defense was trying to get entered for the jurors to see were the text messages and text photos extracted from trayvon martin's cell phone in the several days prior to him being fatally shot that shows photos of a pot plant, photo of a handgun. the judge said there is no way to know for c
had full days every day. >> she had enough. judge nelson walking out of the courtroom yesterday after a dramatic hearing. after 13 hours in the courtroom yesterday. that's at the george zimmerman trial. we're going to have all of the details. >> even the lights went out at one point. >>> also, we want you take a look at this alligator. almost ten feet. very powerful. so, how did this 17-year-old teenager escape after his head was trapped in the gator's jaws? he speaks out. just ahead. >> everybody's okay? >> everyone's fine. >>> also coming up, the working dad feeling the heat during his four-month paternity leave. why he says he got dirty looks on the playground from fellow parents. >>> and also, amanda bynes, former child star, is back in court, and she's sporting a different look this time. and, yeah, it raised a lot of eyebrows. but then, the judge had some words of advice for her, as well. so, we're going to find out what's going on there. >>> but we're going to go to the latest in the george zimmerman trial. after the dramatic hearing last night, the defense expected to wrap up
: but prosecutors -- >> this animation and the sub situation -- >> reporter: and judge nelson questioned the accuracy of the animation. judge nelson is schedule to rule on the animation and the text messages this morning. do jurors want to hear it? they're taking fewer notes. they're asking for fewer breaks, which means they've probably already made up their minds. >> matt, thanks very much. >>> let's bring in dan abram, our chief legal affairs anchor. >> the judge is trying to get as much done as possible because there's a bunch of jurors sitting in a hotel, away from their families wanting to go home and wanting the trial to end. it's admirable that the judge is taking this late and saying we have to get this going. i think matt brings up an interesting point, about whether the jurors made up their minds. i don't think there's any question that the jurors want to get back and deliberate. they haven't been able to talk about the case with each other. they're itching to get back there and say, all right. let's start doing this. i get it. i understand what's going on. i've heard all of th
a cut off. >>> a close friend of nelson mandela who visited him says the leader was conscious and responsive. people continue to pay tribute to mr. mandela. outside a hospital where he's reported to be in critical but stable condition. the close friend says mr. mandela needs a machine to help him breathe, but denied reports the leader is in a permanent vegetative state. >>> a stunning attack on the streets of san francisco. >> disturbing surveillance video. why police are asking you to take a closer look. >>> an east bay teenager giving back to children in need. his random act of kindness enhow firefighters are also lending a hand. >>> new developments in the george zimmerman murder trial. the key witnesses who took the stand today. ♪ roundup ♪ i'm a loving husband and a real good dad ♪ ♪ but weeds just make me rattlesnake mad ♪ ♪ now roundup has a new sharp-shootin' wand ♪ ♪ i'm sendin' them weeds to the great beyond ♪ ♪ roundup yeha! [ whip cracks ] ♪ ♪ no need to pump, just point and shoot ♪ ♪ hit 'em in the leaves, and it kills to the root ♪
? and what are the things you can do to increase your odds? there are things you can do. and abc's rob nelson is here with that story. good morning, rob. >> good morning, guys. accidents like yesterday's crash can put many travelers on edge. but consider this, 99% of the passengers survived the ordeal yesterday. and when it comes to aviation safety these days, that kind of survival rate is much more the rule than the exception. images from saturday's fiery asiana airlines crash are certainly harrowing for the millions of americans who take to the skies every year. >> we just saw a plane crash. >> reporter: but statistics show that plane crashes like yesterday's are rare. according to the ntsb, only 1 in 1.2 million flights ends up in an accident. >> riding on a commercial airplane is the same risk as riding on an escalator. >> reporter: and from 1983 to 2000, the survival rate in u.s. plane crashes was an incredible 95%. although the survival rate is high, a professor at the university of greenwich says the moments before impact are the most dangerous. >> you are preparing yourself to react a
pace of the trial. i think everybody has admired judge nelson's hard working ethic but normally the judge doesn't ask the defendant if he is going to testify. she says to the lawyer first is your client going to testify. and then she may ask follow up questions to confirm that the client understands his rights. i have never seen a judge say to the defendant are you going to testify it is very unusual. probably not illegal but not the thing we see in court. >> this is the lawyer that told the infamous knock knock joke which fell extremely flat. last night don west said i am not physically able to keep this pace up anymore. i am working nights and weekends and i'm exhausted. the judge walked out on him. how does his interaction with her, does it hurt george zimmerman? >> i thought it was the dopiest opening statement with the knock knock joke. i have grown to be an admirer of his cross examination skills. he works hard. everybody likes a hard working judge and let's push the case. let's say we are having brain surgery or open heart surgery and you found out your surgeon was forced
in the u- s for disclosing classified programs. south african officials say nelson mandela remains in critical but stable condition this morning. the 94-year-old former president has been in the hospital for nearly a month. he is suffering from a recurring lung infection. court documents released thursday say mandela's health had deteriorated so sharply that his family was considering whether to take him off life support. but a close friend tells reporters that mandela was conscious and responsive earlier this week. spain's famous bull-running festival got off to a bit of a rocky start today. this is video of last year's festival. today, the festivities were delayed by about 20 minutes. authorities first had to remove an oversize basque flag blocking the launch of fireworks that officially mark the start. the nine-day fiesta usually features a mix of alcohol, adrenaline, and some of spain's most fearsome bulls. it dates back to the late 16th century and is also known for its all-night street parties. believe it or not, gas prices over the holiday weekend are actually going down in
. they look tired. judge deborah nelson has made two rulings on evidence motions. both of those rulings, losses for zimmerman's defense. they will not be allowed to introduce a computer animation of the confrontation between martin and zimmerman. and they will be allowed to introduce text messages found on trayvon martin's cell phone. the defense could rest as soon as today. dr. vincent di maio, an expert on gunshot wounds, was called as a defense witness. in his analysis, when zimmerman pulled the trigger, the gun's muzzle was 2 to 4 inches away from martin's chest. >> this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he -- that mr. martin was over hip, leaning forward, at the time he was shot. >> reporter: that is zimmerman's claim. martin was on top of him, beating his head into a concrete sidewalk and he killed the teenager to save his own life. prosecutors asking whether the gunshot wound could indicate that martin was pulling away from zimmerman. >> trayvon martin was backing up, backing away in terms of providing an angle, whether he was goingrd t forward, you can' say. >> all
an emergency? >> sara nelson is the international vice president of the association of flight attendants and a united airlines flight attendant. she joins us now to talk about this. sa sara, what would it be like in those moments as that plane is coming down? it seemed as if from passengers we were talking to that they had little indication that anything was wrong. you land in that emergency situation. two bounces. what does the flight crew immediately do? >> well, let me just first say that flight attendants across the country send our love and prayers and support to the passengers and crew and the family members who have been affected by this. and we hope for a speedy recovery. but it highlights the fact that the work the flight attendants do is life-saving. and so what we would be doing in that moment is immediately going into our emergency procedures. i think we need to recognize that this was an 11-hour flight. it's critical that flight attendants remain alert throughout the flight, even up to the last moments. so rest is critical. and our training is critical. that kicks in. and th
prosecutors had not proved second degree murder. judge deborah nelson denied that motion. >> motion for acquittal denied. >> reporter: putting the defense on deck as this trial moves into week three. as we launch into week three, we expect to see more family and friends. we could see the lead investigator for the sanford police department recalled to testify, and we could hear from a forensic pathologist, an expert in this field. >> remember detective cirino was one of the detectives early on when they decided not to charge zimmerman with anything. >> a lot to talk about. >>> there's also a new tropical storm to talk about brewing in the atlantic headed for the caribbean. let's get to chad myers for more on that. what is its trajectory? >> eventually towards martinique, maybe domenica. normally, july 8th the first named storm on average. where are we now? chantal, the third named storm. already getting a big start. here's martinique right here. expect that big storm to almost be a 50 or 60 mile an hour storm as it approaches the mountains. did you see that wave come? we did the wave
about a one. >> reporter: finally judge debra nelson ruled that testimony regarding marijuana levels in trayvon martin's system will now be admitted as evidence for jurors to consider. critical ruling as this trial moves into day 11. court is expected to start earlier today, 8:30 a.m. eastern time and we expect the judge, to rule on whether a computer re-enactment of that shooting will be admitted as evidence in this case. the prosecution wants to keep it out, chris, but we also expect to hear from more witnesses and a forensic pathologist who is considered an expert in that field. >> thank you for the reporting. that's a very important argument they'll have today. we'll have to be on that. so the real zimmerman, question mark. this is the defense theory. little help from my friends. they got up there and said he's not a vigilante, he's a good guy. people got up there and said i told him to carry a pistol with a bullet chambered. walking around with a gun it assumes he's looking to use it. he was soft, in, ma came up, mix the martial arts. zimmerman had taken it for a year. his coach
and provide the ruling on the animation. >> reporter: this morning, judge deborah nelson announced an animation created by the defense which george zimmerman's lawyers say explains what happened the night zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin will not be shown to the jury as evidence. but the judge did say the defense can show it to the jury in its closing arguments. one of the last witnesses to take the stand in george zimmerman's defense, pathologist, vincent di maio. dr. di de mayo tells a story consistent with what george zimmerman says happened. >> mr. martin was over him, leaning forward, at the time he was shot. >> my head was on the cement. >> reporter: zimmerman told police, as they retraced the events on videotape, that martin repeatedly slammed his head into the concrete. in court tuesday, the jury again saw police evidence photos of zimmerman's head that night. >> what i'm saying is that you can get severe head trauma with actually without any marks on the head. >> reporter: zimmerman has said martin was covering his mouth during the struggle, but the med
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)